Herbarium MJG

Welcome to the Herbarium!

Further details about the Herbarium

The online data base of the herbarium MJG is available at Virtual Herbaria.

At the moment c. 20.000 specimens of our collections are entered in an online data base, among these are all specimens from the Rhineland Palatinate, all specimens of fungi, and selected famlies such as Chenopodiaceae and Caryophyllaceae.

In total, the herbarium houses 60,000 specimens.

Special collections

Flora of the Rhineland Palatinate and its nature reserves, e.g. a complete documentation of the flora of the nature reserve "Mainzer Sand”

Flora of the Gargano region (Italy) Dr. W. Licht

Fruit and seed collection

Bruniaceae pdf

Salvia (Lamiaceae)


Important collectors

Dr. U. Hecker, Dr. W. Licht, Prof. Dr. W. Troll, Prof. Dr. H. Weber, Dr. G. Hausner, Dr. H. Frankenhäuser,
Prof. Dr. R. Claßen-Bockhoff, Dr. M. Schneider, Prof. Dr. D. Lüpnitz.

Currently there is a small group of volunteer assistants who help with the maintenance and extension of the collections. New volunteers are always welcome!