Coffee – The Long Road of the "Brown Gold" Drink

For many of us a coffee is the only way to start the day. But very few of us know the background of our favorite daily pleasure. Where does coffee come from and how is it processed? How does it get into the global trading systems to end up in our shopping bags? And at what price?

Our coffee project is just as multi-faceted as the long journey coffee takes from bush to cup. During a didactic trip through the warm and humid greenhouses of the Botanic Garden, participants can take a close look at the valuable coffee bushes. Different stops along the trip cover and process information on the working and production conditions in the countries of origin and on the global coffee trade around the world. This should spark discussion about fair trade as an alternative. The day is rounded off with the group opportunity to roast coffee and then taste the results.

Target age group: 9th grade upwards
Duration: approx. 4 hours
Cost: 100 € (The cost applies to groups up to 15 people. Individual arrangements may be possible with larger groups.)