Offerings | Tours for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

In events for children in preschool and kindergarten, fun learning with all five senses is very important. Through touching, smelling, and tasting, the kids get to know trees, bushes, and other plants as well as their flowers, fruits, and seeds. We offer an interactive tour with various subject emphases. We would be happy to consider other topics should they be requested.

The tours last a maximum of 90 minutes. The tour is 25 € for groups of up to 15 children.

Bufonia's Trip through the Plant World

Bufonia, the toad that lives in the Botanic Garden helps kids discover the garden's plant world using all their senses. In doing so, the toad points out its favorite plants. And because the toad is a curious and observant creature, it has a lot of interesting things to report about the plants. This is how the children get to know the largest and smallest plants, as well as those that smell good and those which do not smell so good. And of course, carnivorous plants are also amongst Bufonia's favorites in the Botanic Garden.

Clever Plants

The tour playfully familiarizes kids with plant characteristics. There's a lot to taste, smell, and touch. During the tour, children have to make use of all their senses to solve small tasks and assist in carrying out little experiments. This helps them perceive their environment with new eyes.

Plants before the onset of hibernation

If they take a tour through the Botanic Garden in the fall, children can learn how the plants prepare for the season. Various fruits are investigated. Why do plants produce fruit at all? And why do the leaves on the trees change color so quickly? We'll be surprised to learn that the trees are actually preparing themselves for the next spring.