Global learning in the Botanic Garden

"Fair Tours" (Fairführung) is a series of projects that lets you and your class take a small trip to faraway lands. Whether it's coffee, cocoa, or cotton - our courses will tell you surprising things about the journeys these products take on their way from the tropics to us. The Weltladen Unterwegs store and the Green School at the Botanic Garden accompany you through the tropical greenhouses, giving visitors the opportunity of understanding tropical plant botany and such aspects as cultivation and harvesting. Action-oriented and interactive learning helps visitors understand global production steps and the implications of our consumption habits, and point out the choices we have of counteracting them, such as the fair trade movement. These projects are designed to be interdisciplinary and are suited to biology, geography, economics and social studies curricula.

The educational courses are aligned with the orientation framework for the area of global learning as defined by the German Conference of State Education Ministers, and teach children how to think and act in accordance with achieving sustainable development. In raising awareness for the consequences of their own decision making, children learn about the impact of their actions on future generations. Our projects impart knowledge of the ecological, economic, and social contexts of selected consumer goods. Via the methods deployed, school children develop the skills needed to build knowledge across disciplines, to act on their own initiative, and to participate in societal decision making processes.

"Fair Tours" courses are by arrangement only. .

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