Course offerings | Grades 1 through 4

Early Bloomers (End of February through May)

It's not easy for early bloomers. They only have a short time window in which to grow - these are not the best conditions for survival. This course allows kids to explore the tricks and survival strategies spring plants use. They also learn to distinguish between the various early bloomers.

Tropical Crop Plants

Many plants we eat or drink every day or use in other ways come from the tropics. The school children have to use all five senses when investigating the origin, history, content, cultivation, and processing of plants such as cocoa, bananas, etc.

Chocolate Workshop (from grade 3)

Chocolate spread, chocolate flakes, chocolate drinks, or "simply" chocolate - no one can resist the sweet temptation that comes from cocoa beans. But where do these cocoa beans come from and how are these delicious cocoa products made? These and other questions to do with chocolate are solved within the team before the grand finale of making a chocolate product. Further Information ...