Tours and Events

The Botanic Garden offers an exciting and entertaining tour program based on different botanical themes. If you are not yet familiar with the garden, the guided tours on Sundays make for an ideal starting point. But beware, our enthusiasm for plant diversity is contagious and can change your life forever! At irregular intervals, the Botanic Garden puts on self-designed exhibitions of complex botanical subjects. Highlights of the event program include the Summer Fest, the Plant Bazaar, and the Tropical Night.

Guided tours are provided by employees of the garden and of the Institute of Special Botany, members of the Friends of the Botanic Garden, and by advanced-level students. Tours last about 90 minutes, and no prior booking is required. A tour costs €3 for adults, but is free for children and members of the Friends of the Botanic Garden. Meet at the "Tour rendezvous point", Anselm-Franz-von-Bentzel-Weg 9b.

In addition to tours for the general public, you can also book tours for groups. Please contact the Office of the Green School in the Botanic Garden for more information (Phone +49 6131 39 25686).