Course offerings | Grades 11 through 13

Tropical Rainforest

The tropical rainforest is the most species-rich ecosystem on the planet. This course covers the ecological conditions pertaining in this ecosystem, the way plants adapt to their habitats, and looks at tropical crop plants. It also investigates topics such as biopiracy, sustainable use, and possible ways to protect this fascinating habitat.

Adaptation within the Plant Realm

The Botanic Garden offers the opportunity of examining the way many plant species adapt to the needs of different vegetation zones, such as adverse light conditions in tropical rain forests or aridity in desert regions. Especially in arid regions, plants which are not related show similar adaptive strategies such as succulence, a phenomenon which can be observed across different regions. The various forms of succulence can be compared with each other.

The Coffee Journey

The path coffee takes from the bush to your cup. First the origin, cultivation, and harvesting of coffee plants is investigated in the greenhouses of the Botanic Garden before moving to the seminar room where the topics of coffee trade structures and bean processing are dealt with. This course provides a total educational coffee experience, including roasting and tasting. It is carried out in partnership with the Weltladen (World Shop) in Mainz. Further Information ...